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Falcon GT Avalaunchers are
Represented in 5 Countries
There are 39 Falcon GTs in the Field

Avalanche Mitigation Services was incorporated in 2005 by John Brennan - an Avalanche and Explosive Specialist. Our products and services are geared toward solving your Avalanche Control problems. Besides Avalanche Consulting, our company produces a cost effective, state of the art Avalauncher. Other applications that call for a precision Air Cannon, Rockfall Mitigation, Rock Scaling, Artillery Trainer, Gas Gun, Dummy Launcher and Potato Cannon can easily be achieved. Our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction- please contact us for all of your needs.


The Colorado Department of Transportation has purchased two of the Falcon GT Avalauncher and a third is on order. We have found these avalaunchers to be safe, efficient and very dependable. It is obvious that Mr. Brennan has put safety as a priority in building these devices. Mr. Brennan has responded to any concerns and questions about these avalaunchers in a timely manner.
Ray Mumford
Avalanche Coordinator and Trainer
Colorado Department of Transportation. 

webmaster note: Mr. Mumford has been with the Colorado Department of Transportation for 35 years and has been working with various Avalaunchers for 26 of those years. He is currently the State Highway Department's Avalanche Coordinator and Trainer.  CDOT owns Falcon GTs 005, 006, 007, 010, 013, 019 and 029.

Avalanche Mitigation Services, specifically John Brennan, sold us our Falcon GT Avalauncher in the summer of 2007. John’s attention to safety and functionality while designing the Avalauncher has proven itself well over hundreds of rounds we have shot using our Launcher. It has a nearly flawless maintenance record. Needless to say we have had a high degree of success, thus happiness with the entire system not mention its ease of use.

Additionally John has been prompt in returning calls and easy to deal with in all phases of our continued interactions. I would be happy to recommend this product and John to anyone interested in a solid performing launching platform such as the Falcon GT.

Jamie Pierce,
IFMGA Mountain Guide
Snow Safety Program Director, Coeur Alaska, Inc.

webmaster note: Coeur AK owns Falcon GT 002.

The Sun Valley Ski Patrol purchased a Falcon GT Avalauncher from Avalanche Mitigation Services in the summer of 2007 and  it was placed into service for the 2007-2008 winter season. The purchase of the Falcon was a major upgrade from our Circa 1974 MK avalauncher. We built our new gun platform from the specs supplied by AMS and installed the gun. After firing just a few "dummy" rounds through the gun to get an idea for shot pressure and target acquisition as compared to the MK, we were using live rounds during control mornings. We have a 3 person gun crew but with the ease of use of the falcon, the gun could easily be operated by a single gunner. 

This is our second season with the Falcon and summer storage and routine maintenance is easy to understand and perform. As of today, we have had no problems and have needed no repairs. We are completely satisfied with our purchase of the Falcon and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone in need of an avalauncher for their avalanche control needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me during normal patrol hours Monday-Friday at Sun Valley Ski Patrol Head Quarters-208.622.6262 or on my cell anytime at-208.309.0392.

Mike Davis 
Lead Gunner, S.V.S.P

webmaster note: Sun Valley owns Falcon GT 004.

Dear JB and Avalanche Mitigation Services, I thought that I would drop you a note and tell you that Arapahoe Basin Ski Area has been very happy with the performance and quality of our Falcon GT Avalauncher. The “gun” was the most economical solution to our snow safety needs and has been instrumental in the development and opening of the Expert terrain in Montezuma Bowl. After evaluating a number of options, the Falcon GT has met our needs and we look forward to its’ use for years to come. JB, you have also responded to inquiries in a timely fashion and have offered advice freely. Thanks!

Leif Eric Borgeson
Snow Safety Director
Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

webmaster note: Arapahoe Basin owns Falcon GT 003.

John, I would just like to confirm that it was a pleasure dealing with you over the purchase of the X2000M air cannon.  The photographs you sent of the cannon accurately depicted the condition of the cannon, there was no unforeseen damage.  The price we negotiated was reasonable.  The communications between us were always good, even when I could not reach you on your cell phone due to local coverage; I always received a prompt reply later in the day.   The shipping of the cannon was as described and was both prompt and efficient.  Having had some severe problems dealing with other vendors of air cannons I can only state that it was a pleasure dealing with someone who was so professional in how he conducted his business. Best Regards.
Jonathan S. Kelly
Senior Engineer I Power Systems Group
Qinetis North America I Foster-Miller Inc.
Technology Solutions Group
350 Second Ave
Waltham MA 02451

John, just wanted to send a letter of gratitude for the technical support you provided us on our McCracken Avalauncher last week.  Your education and credentials speak for themselves, but what you don’t see in those is the man and the person.  In our conversations and email communications what came through to me was your willingness to help others, to take time out of your busy schedule to offer guidance and technical support to someone who doesn’t even own one of your guns.  These are the intangible traits that, I am sure, will continue to make you and your business extremely successful in your field. With great respect and deepest regards,
Matthew M. Mierzejewski
Surface Services Supervisor
Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold
Henderson Mine
Empire, CO 80438

Webmaster note:Henderson Mine now owns Falcon GT 014.

Wow! That sure beats skinning and hiking through rocks and deep powder.  We've had 17" since this storm started yesterday afternoon, and while we didn't move any snow, I sure feel better about opening the moraine.  The launcher worked awesome! Thanks again,

John Millslagle 
Snow Safety Director, Mt. Bachelor 

Webmaster note: Mt. Bachelor owns Falcon GT 008.

Hi John, we just fired the launcher for the first time last Tuesday. I have fired thousand of launcher rounds from all sorts of guns.  Yours is by far the best.  You beautifully addressed all of the things that drove me crazy for years. Congratulations and thanks. Rick Owsley built us a trailer right on par with your launcher. Tanks and tube stored below the deck.  Jacks with crampons!  Nice tool boxes and it is very stable. If anyone would like one built Rick is interested in building another and gets my highest recommendations. I don't think ITD will be buying another gun right now but if we do I would want a Falcon. Cheers,

Bill Nicholson
ITD Lead Avalanche Forecaster
208-259-3336 office

Webmaster note: Idaho Department of Transportation owns Falcon GT 009.

Hi John, I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your Falcon GT avalauncher- it is a really well-built, precision instrument that is proving to be invaluable at our Laguna del Maule project in Chile for doing avalanche control. I am also really pleased with all the support that you were able to provide us in getting the avalauncher fully operational- in that regard, it has been a real pleasure working with Hal Hartman in developing the ranging tables and making sure that the targeting is spot-on. Please don’t hesitate to include me as a reference if anyone would like to know more about how well your avalauncher works, and how good your customer support is. Thanks again,

Frank W. Baumann,  P.Eng.
Geological Engineer - Special Projects

webmaster note: Magma Energy's El Maule site is using Falcon GT 012 and that is the 3rd ASME/WorkSafe BC approved launcher in service.

John, we have begun using the Falcon GT that we purchased from your company. It is a very nice piece. We have fired about 40 rounds through it without any issues. We are actually using about 7-10% less nitrogen per round. We are still using the AVR-1 round and have had great success. I would like to purchase a new firing valve like the one on the Falcon GT for our other gun the B-2000M. Could you please provide me with a vendor and part number? Regards,

Eric Nordine
Senior Supervisor
Henderson Mine

webmaster note: Henderson Mine owns Falcon GT 014.

Thanks John, the gun is a joy to operate compared to the old Peter´s tray loader that I had been using here in Portillo for 15 years. I’ll send you some photos next time we shoot. Thanks again for the prompt response.

Frank Coffey
Snow Safety Director
Portillo Chile

webmaster note: Portillo owns Falcon GT 015

Hi John, thanks for the new Avalauncher.  You have been quick to respond and generous to help with any replacement parts for our older BM2000 gun. We now have 2 Falcons and they are smooth and reliable in operation. Thanks to the assistance of Hal Hartman and his targeting parameters, the changeover from our older gun with AVR-1’s to the new Falcon and AVR-2’s was flawless. Besides a single shot fired to check the calibration of shot location coordinates, our first mission was the other day at 4:30 in the morning, and we produced avalanches on all aspects around the Campamento area. Through Hal’s expertise, the new Falcon, and AVR-2’s we are able to hit more targets. Some of them are very small and out of sight. The result is a more effective control program. Also in the works is a reorganization and tightening of our snow safety program, beginning with a snow and avalanche risk determination at the mine. Hal has been instrumental in this process and we look forward to continuing our work on this in an area with complex avalanche problems.

Matt Primomo
Pimenton Mine, Chile

webmaster note: Pimenton owns Falcon GT 017 and 027

Sunshine Village ski resort in the Canadian Rockies bought a Falcon GT Avalauncher in the summer of 2011, which we installed at the base of Delirium Dive (so we named it the “Delirium Falcon”). We have had great success with the gun using Orica’s AVR 1 and AVR 2 rounds for different placements. It has proven to be far more precise than the vintage guns we’re accustomed to, and is certainly a safer product to deploy explosives from. We even had good success with a mid-storm shoot in February where winds were over 100km/hr at ridge top and the temperature was somewhere in the -18 Celsius/ 0 Fahrenheit range.  Great work on this gun John, and thanks for all the advice along the way. Cheers,

Avalanche Forecaster; Snow Safety Supervisor

webmaster note: Sunshine Village owns Falcon GT 020 and 031

Fernie Alpine Resort made the decision to adopt the Falcon GT Avalauncher for use in its avalanche control program in 2011.  We installed the Avalauncher within our Lizard gun tower where it plays a major part in the assessment and reduction of avalanche hazard relative to the Lizard and Cedar Bowl use areas.  In its first season the gun fired over 600 rounds without complication.  Projectiles utilized included the AVR-1 and AVR-2 as supplied by Orica, Canadian Division. We did observe a few issues relative to seal leakage, which were likely caused by our over oiling of the machine, however these were worked through in a timely manner with excellent support from John Brennan which allowed us to effectively solve the problem for long term.  Our gun teams reported positive feedback in the use of this tool. It’s well thought out and good ergonomic design allow for efficient and easy target alignment and projectile loading.  The guns excellent efficiency was observed to be very high as required target pressures were observed to have decreased from historical guns used in the same location.  Our program is very satisfied with the purchase of the Falcon GT.  It has demonstrated itself to be a high quality and well designed Avalauncher gun.  We look forward to its continued use within our program.  

Mark Vesely
Avalanche Safety Director
Fernie Alpine Resort    

webmaster note: Fernie Alpine Resort owns Falcon GT 022

Although our team considered several other Avalaunchers for our Mica Dam avalanche control project, the well-engineered Falcon GT combined with John's intimate knowledge of artillery, explosives and avalanche control could not be matched. Every aspect of the Falcon GT has been well thought out and engineered to a high standard. The gun performs very well and impressed our avalanche technicians who were used to working with finicky "old school" guns. The Falcon GT certainly raises the bar. We've mounted the Falcon GT on a trailer which we're convinced is the finest mobile Avalauncher system in Canada. Thanks for the excellent gun and great service.

Alan Jones, P.Eng.
Principal, Dynamic Avalanche Consulting Ltd.
Project Manager and Avalanche Technician, Mica Dam avalanche monitoring and control program

webmaster note:  Dynamic Avalanche Consulting owns Falcon GT 024

Hi John, the Marmot Basin team purchased a Falcon GT in the summer of 2011. This gun was a needed upgrade to our avalanche control operation. The Marmot team found the Falcon GT smooth to operate and an accurate gun. Overall we were impressed with the Falcon GT. The Breach loading system is efficient and the simplicity of the gun and safety system is ideal in an outdoor environment. The trigger/remote fire system is well designed and great to use. The Marmot Basin safety operation department appreciated the services and advice the John gave us, and we look forward to shooting many more rounds down the barrel next season.

Kerry MacDonald
Director of Public Safety
Marmot Basin
Jasper, Alberta

webmaster note:  Marmot Basin owns Falcon GT 021.

Dear Mr. Brennan, I would like to take a moment and thank you for the service that you a have recently provided us at Smoky Canyon Mine. We recently began mining in an area that is prone to avalanche. It had become apparent that we needed to develop a plan to keep our employees safe while working in this area. With the guidance of Mr. Hartman we have now developed an avalanche mitigation plan. We are confident in the knowledge that we are not exposing our workers to unnecessary risk. His expertise and professionalism was instrumental to achieving this goal. Not only did he help us in the area that we had concern, but also shed light on other areas where we are at considerable risk. His insight was invaluable to us. I appreciate the quality of the Falcon GT Avalauncher which we purchased from you. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship is apparent. The unit is very simple to use and quick to setup. It has proven to be an incredibly effective and reliable tool in avalanche mitigation. It has been well worth the investment to provide a safe work area for our employees. Thanks again for your help!

Craig Howes
Mining Engineer
Smoky Canyon Mine
Afton Wyoming

webmaster note:  Smoky Canyon owns Falcon GT 019.

Sundance Mountain Resort purchased a Falcon GT to replace a tray-loader that we have been using at Arrowhead Summit. The engineering, workmanship, and attention to detail designed into the Falcon GT is impressive and has improved the efficiency and safety of our firing missions significantly. We are experiencing a notable increase in accuracy and shot repeatability compared to our old Launcher. Mr. Brennan has been quick to follow up with technical questions regarding installation.

Craig Lutke
Sundance Mountain Resort
Ski Patrol Director, Snow Safety Director

webmaster note:  Sundance Mountain owns Falcon GT 025.

Since we put our Falcon GT into service last winter (2012-2013), our patrollers have enjoyed great success. We purchased our Falcon GT to help us access a large and rather remote piece of terrain. Loveland's snow safety team can now safely assess this terrain's snowpack in considerably less time than it took us before. Our new launcher has proved an invaluable tool for allowing us to consistently open more acreage, thus providing a great experience for our guests. The Falcon GT's ease of use, safety, and accuracy is unparalleled. Our gunners can fire their early morning shots and have the launcher disassembled quickly, giving them time to join other routes sooner. We are able to open more terrain on "The Ridge" much earlier with the assistance of the Falcon GT. Many thanks to you and your team at Avalanche Mitigation Services. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and AMS as we expand our horizons here at Loveland. Warmest Regards,

Mike Wallace
Snow Safety Supervisor
Loveland Ski Patrol

webmaster note:  Loveland Ski Area owns Falcon GT 023.

The Breckenridge Ski Patrol purchased two Falcon GTs for our Peak 6 expansion during the 2013-14 season. They have worked flawlessly and are extremely accurate and well made. These two new guns were instrumental in our opening of this large new piece of terrain. We were able to range these guns quickly and easily and have experienced a high level of shot repeatability. The azimuth base assembly has allowed us to blind fire with a high degree of accuracy. Your service is second to none, thanks for all of your advice and assistance!

Will Barrett, Snow Safety Supervisor, Breckenridge Ski Patrol

webmaster note: Breckenridge Ski Resort owns Falcon GTs 033 and 034

John, I was searching for some kind of "standard" for blast shields to protect our employees while firing Avalauncher when I was introduced to AMS. Not only did you help point me in the right direction to solve that issue, but you introduced me to the folks at Delta-K. Through that acquaintance we now may be able to find a replacement round for our LoCat system. Your dedication to the sharing of information and your high regard of safety in our small community should be commended. Keep up the good work! Many thanks,

Rob Bickor
Avalanche Control Supervisor, CalTrans

webmaster note: Caltrans now owns Falcon GT 036.

Mr. Brennan, thanks for the free advice in getting help in mitigating our coal fire. As you know, my fire was 200 feet up a vertical wall and I had no way to safely access it. At your suggestion, I contacted a neighboring mine that had a Falcon GT for avalanche purposes. They graciously volunteered to bring their Avalauncher to help with my situation. The Falcon GT did an excellent job of knocking the burning coal out of the wall even though this in no way was what it was designed for. The men from the other mine had an opportunity to train and practice with their cannon and join in some inter mine bonding. All in all everybody benefitted from the experience. Thanks again,

Gerald Schinke,
Coal Superintendent, Westmoreland Kemmerer Mine

John, I have been in the mining industry for the past 35 years and have used a Falcon GT in the past with good results. During the training you demonstrated excellent product knowledge and experience that was very helpful for others to learn from. The mechanical explanation and functionality of the Falcon GT was comprehensive, understandable and supported with a Operations Manual. The demonstrations on how to work as a team and systematically load/fire the Avalauncher was very good and helped us to develop procedures for our company. The explanation of how the Range Chart works was very beneficial and an improvement from the first Avalauncher I purchased in Alaska. Overall, the training was well facilitated and received by all in attendance. I believe the product support will be excellent as well, should we have any questions.

Bob Sweeden,
Safety Manager, Ouray Silver Mines

webmaster note: Ouray Silver Mines owns Falcon GT 038.

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