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Avalanche Mitigation at Mine Sites 2022 Download pdf

Comprehensive Avalauncher Facts 2018 Download pdf

Avalauncher Hose and Loading Pressure Bulletin 2017 Download pdf

Precision Avalauncher Targeting 2016 Download pdf

Arming Disk Projectile Safety Bulletin 2013 Download pdf

Atwater Books 2010 Download pdf

History of Safety Fuse 2010 Download pdf

Avalauncher Barrel Clamp 2009 Download pdf

Avalauncher Developments 2009 Download pdf

Austin White Cap Misfire 2008 Download pdf

Debunking Dave Sly’s AAA/CAA Article- 2007 Download pdf

Russia Avalanche Conference- 2007 Download pdf


Evolution of the Avalauncher.” Presented in the following publications and conferences:
American Avalanche Association journal, Canadian Avalanche Association journal, International Society of Explosive Engineer’s journal, New Zealand Mountain Safety Council journal, National Ski Patrol journal and the proceedings of the International Snow Science Workshop in Telluride, the Apatit Avalanche Conference in Russia and the International Society of Explosive Engineer's conference in Denver.

Evolution of the Avalauncher - 2006 Download pdf

Jerry Nunn Special Service Award Citation 2006 Download pdf

Pete Peters Special Service Award Citation 2006 Download pdf

Rescue Training - 2005 Download pdf

Cap Crimper 2004 Download pdf

CIL-Orion Avalanche Control Products 2003 Download pdf

Self Cleaning Storm Board - 2003 Download pdf

Increasing Explosive Safety - 2002 Download pdf


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