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We believe strongly that the true art of engineering surrounds simplicity of design- while it is easy to complicate a design and significantly drive up expense it is through an intricate understanding of not only the mechanics but also the history of the Avalauncher that the Falcon GT was developed.  It was Avalanche Mitigation Service’s founding vision that we hold our moral liability to our customers as our primary goal- our contractual insistence on remote firing proves that.  Integrity and honestly fall in closely as does our insistence on competitive pricing. Our range numbers reflect actual field trials with actual projectiles at stated pressures - no modeling here. At 300 psi the Falcon GT places a 1.4 kilo payload 2000 meters with a full bore projectile like Orica's AVR-2 or CIL Orion's Stubby. A partial bore round like the Orica's AVR-1 or CIL's Classic covers 2325 meters.

No expense was spared in building the Falcon GT, from the stainless steel fittings to the advanced machining work. Our 35 liter ASME certified launcher out performs all other Avalaunchers in range yet consumes DRAMATICALLY less Nitrogen! Full range documented and instrumented field tests don’t lie. Our Avalaunchers are ASME certified to -40 C/F at 750 psi- again, far exceeding all of our competition. Current cash price is $40,500. We have also been diligently working with Physicists and Engineers to develop a projectile that will thrive at these higher pressures- stand by!

Optional equipment for the Falcon GT includes a well designed All Weather Storage Tube for the Barrel for $350, a Heavy Duty Cover and Locking Cable for the Launcher for $350, and Padded Hard Cases for the Regulator and Firing Valves for $350 each. In addition to their value for Falcon GT owners, many of these options are of value to owners of other Avaluncher systems. As an added service to owners of older Avalaunchers, Avalanche Mitigation Services now offers our Azimuth Base Assembly as an upgrade for Avalauncher users who are looking to increase accuracy and target repeatability without upgrading to a new Avalauncher. We also offer seal kits for the Launcher Company’s B2000M and original razor blade kits for the renowned Dupont Superior Bench Crimper.


John Brennan is an Avalanche and Explosive Specialist with extensive experience with Campbell Scientific’s dataloggers. Besides installing and maintaining Snowmass’s network of 9 Campbell weather sites, other installations and site selection include: Aspen Mountain- 2 sites, Aspen Highlands- 3 sites, Las Leñas, Argentina- 3 sites.

Several years of extensive field testing have paid off tremendously for the avalanche community. Refinements to the Avalauncher have made longer range with less Nitrogen consumption a reality. Additionally, target acquisition using Google Earth, Global Positioning System, Digital Elevation Models and a complex understanding of the Physics of the Avalauncher can now bring an unheard of precision to Avalauncher use. All of your project's design, layout and calculation needs can be performed in-house.

Avalanche Mitigation Services is continuing to expand our technical offerings as well. We work with a host of highly experienced engineers who specialize in avalanche mitigation. We are able to professionally analyze your problems, present solutions and train your existing crews if necessary. Our staff and colleagues have worked all over the world and no project is too big or too small for us. As always, please contact us for all of your Avalanche Mitigation needs. Please look to our Homepage to see what our best salesmen- our clients, have to say about our products and services. This link showcases a mobile Avalauncher trailer design for Alaska Department of Transportation:

Avalanche Mitigation Services has produced two DVDs to showcase our Avalauncher and Projectile systems.  While all video production work was done  in-house to control expense, we’re sure you’ll find the 4 minute videos an excellent tool for increasing your knowledge of our products.  Simply visit our CONTACT US page and beam us your request. Or, visit the following links to view these videos online: for the Falcon GT Avalauncher and for the Falcon RT Projectile System, a system we designed based around an Avalanche Control System Fin/Fuze unit. We successfully prototyped and live tested this system but decided at this time not to enter the market.

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